Bengal History

History of creating the Bengal cat breed

The history of the breed is closely related to the name of Jane Mill. Once, during her travel to the exotic Taiwan, Ms. Mill at that time having the surname Sudgen acquired an unusual souvenir - a small Bengal she-cat.

These species with places of habitat mainly in India, Pakistan, Thailand and Chine, more rarely spotted in the Philippines and the Far East, were under a threat of complete extinction. Bengal cats suffered for the same reason as other representatives of the felines - for their soft, spotted skin. Poachers would kill adult animals for their valuable skin and sell baby cats to curious and compassionate tourists, not suspecting that such a cat is absolutely unsuitable for holding at home as a pet.

Miss Sudgen discovered the same: the cat was wild and unfriendly, however, made good friends with another Sudgens` pets ? a black cat, from which an offspring was born in 1963 - a little girl who possessed an exotic color and the tough character of the mother. The hybrid she-cat again was crossed with a black cat, however, the experiment had to be interrupted: the first husband of Ms. Sudgen died, which separated her from innovations in felinology for a long time. Only 15 years Jane afterwards, at that time having the surname Mill, returned again to her fluffy pets that had invaded her heart: she got a comparative research of immunity of home cats and their relatives in the wild nature - Asian Leopard Cats (ALC) towards viral leukemia conducted by William Centerwall, a geneticist from the University of California. In the course of the experiment, cats were cross-bred. Jane Mill asked Dr. Centerwall to give her a few spotty animals who were born as a result of crossbreeding. First-generation hybrids came at Ms. Mill`s hands.

Then years of hard work followed. The first and the second generations turned as wild as their Asian ancestors, but the fourth and the fifth generations lost the unique external beauty. Only years of selection and cross-breeding gave the desired result: in 1991 the Bengal cat received the status of official species. The Bengal cat in your house - symbol of status and taste of its owners! The Bengal cat is still rare, but is becoming popular due to exclusive features of the species: excellent, thick, silken fir, which sparkles and shines by its thousands of golden and silvery hairs, its nacreous glow, and it gives such an exciting feeling when you touch it and yet does not require many efforts in care! Bengal cats possessed the might and felinity of a wild animal from their wild ancestor - Asian leopard cat. Their unique smartness, joviality, ability to perform various tricks to entertain the owner, can attract even those people who view cats simply as -living pillows for sofa? and would prefer a poppy to a cat.

Bengal cats preserve the temper of a kitten up to their old age and are always glad to communication with the owner, his children or even a dog. Bengal cats are friendly and communicative. These features of character were developed by selection, in the course of which aggressive ones were excluded. The character of Bengal cats is so well-disposing for those who have bought a Bengal kitten that they rarely stop at one kitten, and then "bengalomania" begins.

The only disadvantage of the Bengal species is its price. Yet, the price is comprised not by the avarice of the breeder, but by the cost of lasting selection work or purchasing abroad in a well-known cattery, which involves expenses for delivery of the animal, which is also rather costly. Add also expenses for high-quality care, nourishment, veterinary services and exhibitions. A good breeder does not save on his pets. Nobody would sell a kitten at the price lower than the amount of expenses that have been spent. Of course, you can find many offers in the Internet with a low price for a Bengal cat, however, such offers are typically posted by people who sell half-breeds or ill cats, which will cause much more disappointment to the owner then satisfaction from the saved money on purchasing a kitten.

Each makes his own choice! Somebody buys a diamond while somebody is satisfied by a cheap counterfeit. Do not save on family members! The kitten brought into your house will be a member of your family for a long time and we hope that the Bengal kitten purchased in our cattery will bring you much joy and pride for owning a small leopard who can be kissed each day right at its nose!


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